Tree Cabling & Bracing

Tree Cabling & Bracing

Some trees end up in a tough situation where they cannot be trimmed to remove the danger of an unstable or cracking lead. Lots of homeowners will opt for a supplemental structural support systems in order to save a tree rather than having to just cut it down. These devices must be installed by a specialist and should be inspected every year after installed. 

Tree Cabling & Bracing Service

In a forest environment it doesn’t matter if a tree loses a large limb, but in a more urban setting limb failure can cause injury or damage to property. When a tree has a branch or stem that is poorly attached and structural stability cannot be improved with pruning, sometimes installing a cable system is a good option. We offer two types of cabling systems, depending on the situation at hand:

  • Dynamic cabling, which is non-invasive, allows the tree to move naturally – but not to the point of branch/stem failure
  • Static cabling, which requires drilling and hardware installation, holds the tree part in question rigid to arrest the progress of active failure

Bracing however is the installation of a steel rod through a poor branch attachment to prevent or repair a split. When installing a brace, industry best practices require also installing a cable system. Cabling, on the other hand, does not always require bracing.

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