Thinning & Fire Protection

Tree Thinning & Fire Protection Services

Living in North Idaho you should be aware of the imminent dangers we face every year with fires. Walking your property with a tree specialist will help determine any risks such as dead trees, over growth or brush needing to be cleared. You can’t away prevent fires but removing highly flammable materials will certainly reduce your risk or creating or adding to the already prone wildfire prone area. 

Tree Thinning Service

An acre of land can only grow so many trees. One acre of fertile forestland may be able to sustain 500 small trees, or 100 big trees. Thinning is an effective and powerful forest management tool that promotes tree growth and restores forest health. When thinning, forest operators remove slower-growing or defective trees to provide more space for the remaining trees to grow. Available water and soil nutrients benefit those that remain, resulting in bigger, healthier trees in a shorter period of time.

As well removing any number of dead trees will help with the pre-existing fuel problem. When these trees die and fall to the ground or dead brush isn’t maintained or burned it is just creating more material to burn in areas that are already prone to uncharacteristically severe wildfire.

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