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We’re Bonner County’s preferred full-service tree company because of our knowledgable, reliable and professionalism. Our tree service experts know exactly how to provide a service that sets us apart from the rest. For more info about our tree services, contact us here or call us for a Free Quote at (208) 610-9906.

Need a Professional Tree Service in Bonner County?

Big Nick’s Tree Management provides tree services to homeowners, business owners, commercial property managers, and anyone else in need of fast, efficient tree removal, trimming, and more.

We have built up a reputation for excellence. Whether we’re trimming a single tree at your home or property, or removing dozens of trees for new construction or home/business renovation, we’re the best choice in the Bonner County area.

We offer free estimates for all of our services. Take a look at what we do below.

Tree Removal 

We love trees, but sometimes a tree must be removed. Whether it be diseased, damaged, or unsightly it takes more than just having the right equipment, it’s about having the knowledge and expertise to be able to remove a tree in the safest most efficient way. We pride ourselves for being the towns go-to for some of the most difficult and dangerous trees.

Tree Trimming & Pruning 

Correct pruning is an essential part of responsible tree care. Our tree experts will only prune as much as is safe for the tree so the homeowner can enjoy its beauty for years to come.

Stump Grinding & Removal

Our state of the art stump grinder can grind any size stump with precious and speed. It is designed to maneuver through narrow passages, such as a backyard gate, our stump grinder will help remove all evidence of a removed tree, leaving your yard free for new landscaping. Our state of the art stump grinder can grind any size stump with precious and speed. It is designed to maneuver through narrow passages, such as a backyard gate, our stump grinder will help remove all evidence of a removed tree, leaving your yard free for new landscaping.

Brush Clearing

Once a year most homeowners need to do a once over of their yard, pruning trees, trimming bushes and clearing up any debris to get their yard looking presentable again. 


Thinning & Fire Protection 

Living in North Idaho you should be aware of the imminent dangers we face every year with fires. Walking your property with a tree specialist will help determine any risks such as dead trees, over growth or brush needing to be cleared. You can’t away prevent fires but removing the highly flammable materials will certainly reduce your risk.

Arborist Service 

If you have concerns that something is killing or damaging your tree and not sure what it is or how to save it. That is when calling a certified arborist or having one of our tree specialist come a take a look to asses the risk and necessary treatment plan.

Tree Cabling & Bracing 

Sometimes, a tree will develop two co-dominant stems rather than just a single trunk. This is often dangerous, especially if the two stems form a V because the bark grows around each stem, creating a very weak connection. Eventually the two stems WILL separate, with one or both crashing to the ground (or onto a home). One way to help save some of these trees is to install a cabling system.

What Our Satisfied Customers Have To Say

Brenda Speakman
Brenda Speakman
As an experienced insurance professional I relied on Nick and his crew to take care of some large falling trees and I trust him with my clients. Amazing, reliable, on-time, professional, skilled, quick, and striking.
Joshua Williamson
Joshua Williamson
Vary friendly people! Extremely helpful
Nancy Spence
Nancy Spence
Nick delivered exactly as promised - very efficient and lots of huge equipment to get the job done. He removed 9 large Ponderosa/Douglas Fir trees near our house without harming the land around them or damaging the landscaping/driveway. As with so many things, you get what you pay for. Not cheap, but he really knows what he is doing and has a good crew to work with him. Highly recommend. Nancy Spence, Sagle
Had a ~40ft tree leaning way over my mothers house. I called him at 6:00 the night before and he responded the next morning at 7:00am when he saw the photo of its severity and had it down safely within 20-30 minutes. Very professional, very cordial, I will call him again when i need a tree removed and recommend him to anyone!
Tim Curry
Tim Curry
Wonderful job removing a tree that had fallen on my garage. I had them remove three more potentially hazardous trees and cut them up for firewood. Expert job, nice people, fast and efficient.
Nick oz a true professional I recommend him to all my clients
Susan Wirth
Susan Wirth
Diligent, hard workers and they do exactly what they say they will do. Wonderful people to do business with!
Pete Powell
Pete Powell
What a great hard working, thoughtful, polite and respectful and SAFE bunch of guys. These guys were very meticulous about everything. I had 4 big trees removed (some high risk)and 1/2 dozen limbed up high. Even the tuff stuff was a non event for them and clean up was excellent. Don't call anyone else call BIG NICK'S TREE MANAGEMENT LLC
Brad Kruger
Brad Kruger
NOW IS THE TIME TO CALL BIG NICK!!! Seeing that it looks like we are going to have a rough winter we wanted to be proactive and get some big trees down BEFORE they fell on our house!! Once again we called THE PROFESSIONALS AT BIG NICK's TREE SERVICE!! Big Nick, Sam and Chet came out and took down 8 more trees for us and now we can sleep peacefully knowing that they are not going to come down on our house! We had a big tree fall on our house last winter during a wind sotrm and we NEVER want to live through that again! DON'T DELAY CALL BIG NICK TODAY!!!! UPDATE: On Friday 13 March 2020 we had a GIGANTIC PINE TREE hit our house during the big winterstorm. We were scared to death that it was going to snap in half and wreck even more of the house or seesaw and take out the kitchen or roll off the roof and hit my truck which was blocked in by it!! IT WAS SCARY! The wind was whipping the fallen tree as it leaned up against our house. We called BIG NICK and he and Sam came out and saved our house from anymore damage! It took them a little while as it was dangerous but they took this giant pine apart piece by piece and gently lowered the pieces to the ground. Thanks to these guys we did not suffer anymore damage!! I truly believe that if they did not get there as quick as they did and get this tree down we would have been looking at some major, major damage. Big Nick and Sam ought to wear CAPES!!! Thank you Big Nick and Sam for saving our house!! If I had to describe Big Nick's Tree Management in a single word it would be SUPERGLORIOUS!!!! These guys are PROFESSIONALS! We called Nick about 3 birch trees we had that were surrounded on 3 sides by our house and garage. Nick came right out and gave us an estimate and the "price was the price" even though his crew went the extra mile when it came to clean up and chipping! Sam is the tree climber/cutter and he is the MOZART OF CHAINSAWS! He stood on the ground in front of the trees for about 3 minutes and then up he went to the heavens hanging off branches as big as your wrist. He systematically took the tree down piece by piece and dropped each piece in the same spot. NOT ONE TWIG TOUCHED ANY OF OUR ROOFS!!! It was amazing to watch. A true expert!!!!! Nathan, the ground guy, was in constant motion and assisted Sam and kept the chipper shredder fed. We are more than pleased with BIG NICK TREE MANAGEMENT and would HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM TO EVERYONE!!

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